We Will Rock You, Starlight Fans!

CATEGORY: Broadway

Just two days after we roll up the Yellow Brick Road and send Dorothy and Toto home to Kansas, Starlight will amp up its new sound system to welcome the smash-hit “rock theatrical” We Will Rock You to the stage.

Whether or not you’re up on your facts about the British rock group Queen, it’s a pretty safe bet you know their music. With such classics as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Are the Champions” and, of course, “We Will Rock You,” Queen is one of the iconic rock bands of the 1970s whose music remains popular today. In fact, “We Will Rock You” is the song most played at sporting events worldwide, tallying more than half a million plays during the 2012 Olympics alone.

Recognizing their music resonates with many generations, Queen band members 14 years ago decided to create a musical with their songs. But, We Will Rock You is not a show about the story of Queen; instead, it uses 24 quintessential Queen songs to tell a story of a future age.

We Will Rock You is set on a planet once called Earth, which is now controlled by a large corporation. Globalization and conformity are everywhere. Individuality and creativity are taboo. Everyone watches the same movies, wears the same clothes, and thinks the same thoughts. Music is generated by the corporation’s computers, and musical instruments and rock music are banned.

Only one group, the rebel Bohemians, are ready to battle against the conformity and control. The alliance of rebels awaits a hero to lead them in bringing rock music back to the people.

The show premiered in London in 2002 where it ran for 12 years and 4,600 performances before closing May 31, 2014. The show has played in 18 countries to a total audience of more than 15 million people. The first U.S. tour launched last October.

We are thrilled that We Will Rock You is making its Kansas City debut at Starlight on June 17-22. Grab your tickets and prepare to have your socks rocked off!