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Keep up with the latest from Starlight including details about Broadway shows, new programs, history, and more.


Starlight Stories: The 2010s The flurry of capital construction that defined much of the 2000s at Starlight Theatre (new stage, restrooms, concessions, indoor rehearsal spaces and more) set the stage for an international honor and program expansion in the 2010s. While Kansas Citians have long considered Starlight a world-class venue, their beliefs were confirmed in … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 2000s The year 2000 was the time of flip phones and the introduction of online banking. It was also the 50th anniversary of Starlight and time for a shiny new stage! That summer heralded the opening of the $10 million Jeannette and Jerome Cohen Community Stage, named in honor of the generous … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 1990s As the 1980s concluded, Starlight Theatre had returned to financial solvency. Determined to grow and thrive as a new decade dawned, the theatre’s leadership and Board of Directors undertook efforts to bring continued improvement and positive change to the Starlight venue and operations throughout the 1990s. Helping to fuel the activity … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 1980s Continuing our history of Starlight, this time we look at the decade of the 1980s. Following several troublesome seasons of financial struggles, the 1980s brought continued challenges, operational changes and, by the middle of the decade, a hopeful outlook to Starlight Theatre. The 1980 Broadway season struggled through one of Kansas … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 1970s Starlight celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1970 with a season that was deemed “The Greatest Season Ever” and featured popular shows Hello Dolly!, The Man of La Mancha, and Fiddler on the Roof. Before the beginning of the musical season, a special show called The Sound of the Seventies was headlined … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 1960s As we approach our 75th anniversary in 2025, we’re looking back at our history, decade by decade. Today, we’re looking at the 1960s. By 1960, Starlight had entertained nearly three million people since the opening night of the 1951 season. From the 1960 season program book, Starlight Theatre Association President J.F. … Continued

Starlight Stories: The 1950s As we approach the 75th anniversary of Starlight Theatre in 2025, we’re taking a look at the history of the venue, decade by decade. Today, we’re looking at the 1950s.  Starlight opened in 1950, but the plan began well before that. “The Starlight Story” was written by Jim McQueeny and appeared … Continued

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